Active Brothers


                     Nathan Bird                       Eric Christiansen                    Nico Deandreis                          Porch Dude                       Walker Smythe         

      Jack Goldstein                          Tony Hanagan                     Morgan Hensley                            Jay Miutz                              Colin Paulish   

Not pictured:

Jamie Dowling
Thomas Cook
Alexander Harrington
Matthew Johnson
Helmy Tatanaki
Ian Baine
Steve Forgo
Daniel Yoo
Trevor Springman
Callen Larus
Daniel Murphy
Merritt Gasho
Preston Lyon
Ali Drissi

Brothers Only Section

The current brothers only section has dozens of files for officers, photo galleries, email lists and online polls amongst other features. It is also the primary email listserv for current brothers. It is a good place to store things so future generations of brothers can inherit the hard work you have put into the house.

The site is run through Yahoo Groups. We chose this because its permanent. If something happens to the main webpage we will never lose the contents of the brothers only section.

In order to access the site, you do need a Yahoo ID. This does not mean you have to use Yahoo email, but you do need an ID to access the site. You are REQUIRED to fill out your first and last name. To proceed to the site, or create an ID click the following link:

Current Brothers Click Here

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