Kerry Lane
What does being Pika Sweetheart mean to you?

    Being Pika Sweetheart means not only being a great friend to the brothers, but also upholding
their values in every aspect of my college career. Being named Sweetheart is an honor, as the
fraternity chose me to represent and support them on campus (as well as ensuring an invite to the best social events)!

How did you feel when you were announced Pika Sweetheart?

I was traveling abroad with two Pikas from William and Mary at the time that the fraternity announced me as Sweetheart, and first and foremost it made me excited to return to William and Mary and honored that the brothers were missing me at school. My big sister in my sorority was Pika Sweetheart two years earlier and I have always respected her friendship with the fraternity so I felt privileged to also be named Sweetheart.

What would you tell a young man considering joining Pika?

Anyone considering rushing Pi Kappa Alpha has already made a great decision by having an interest in joining this group of men. Further, I would encourage them to seize the opportunity to become a member of this group of down to earth, intelligent, and fun individuals. I am lucky to be a close friend to them and I know that joining Pika will not only have a positive effect on your time at William and Mary but post graduation as well!
Birthday: May 25, 1990
Hometown: North Potomac, MD
Major(s): Psychology & Kinesiology